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In our experience, the biggest obstacle to achieving solid revenue growth is how your people work together.

Or as we like to say, everything looks great on paper until people get involved.

That’s where we come in.

Growth & Associates was built as a community of experts to help our clients see through the current complexity and define clear paths to success.  The result is straightforward – your people will be equipped with the strategy, resources, and skills required to drive sustainable, scalable growth.

Success with Our Clients

The situation: A top US retailer needed to overhaul how they sold in their optical department. They recognized that their traditional approach of simply merchandising the frames and providing staff to take orders was neither creating a great patient experience nor maximizing the sales opportunity for that line of business.

The solution: Through its partnership with Growth & Associates, the retailer was able to create a new selling model and gamify the associated training so that it could roll out nationally using local staff.

The outcome: Overall sales rose 30% and patient feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The situation: An international consumer products company needed to overhaul how they managed their most strategic accounts globally. They also had to navigate the challenge of having individual countries and regions operating independently of the global home office.

The solution: Working with Growth & Associates, the company was able to overhaul every sales role to align with customer expectations and the long-term business strategy. This enabled the design of recruiting, assessment, and training standards that were adopted globally.

The outcome: Top-line revenue growth and increased market penetration in almost every key market around the world.

The situation: A major technology company was bringing its SMB Inside Sales team in-house for all of its cloud products. In addition to a mandate to dramatically increase sales, they had to shorten the amount of time that it took for sales reps to be productive sellers.

The solution: Growth & Associates was brought in to architect an entirely new onboarding experience, where the customer – not the product – was at the center of the experience.

The outcome: Speed to productivity shrunk by 35% per rep and sales jumped from 80% of target at one year of employment to almost 160% of target at one year of employment.

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