About Us

Sales Enablement
& Sales Tranformation Solutions

Growth & Associates is a community of experts that specializes in sales enablement and sales transformation solutions, with an emphasis on maximizing the most critical of resources: people. Our approach is grounded in the belief that unless you design solutions that integrate human behavior and your desired outcome, the effort will be marginally effective at best. Or, as our motto states:

Everything looks great on paper
until people get involved.

When you work with Growth & Associates, you will receive the convenience of one-stop business consulting combined with the flexibility of fit-for-purpose solutions that drive your desired results. This means that instead of the traditional consulting models that either upcharge every additional effort or send in a team of talented amateurs, you get genuine experts who provide their full range of capabilities as part of the collaborative process.

You will never get anything less – we guarantee it.


Tim Ohai, MS

Sales Strategist and Coach
Founder and President of Growth & Associates

With well over a decade’s worth of experience in developing sales team performance, Tim consistently helps Fortune 500 companies design and adopt selling solutions internationally, build sales systems that increase revenue and customer loyalty, and create genuine coaching cultures.

He is often asked to consult larger, more complex issues, especially around the topics of transforming sales organizations and leading organizational change.

As a researcher, author, and recognized thought leader in modern selling, Tim's expertise and enthusiasm have taken him to Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as both consultant and keynote speaker. His most recent book, Sales Chaos: Using Agility Selling to Think and Sell Differently, is on sale now.

Bill Paullin

Business Strategist and Advisor

Bill is the founder and President of Selling Solutions, a Growth & Associates partner. With more than 30 years’ experience in business marketing and sales strategy, Bill has designed and implemented a wide range of organizational transformation and professional development programs.

He continues to help launch new businesses and products, improve customer retention processes, and develop new selling approaches to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Under his leadership, his consulting group - Selling Solutions - has built an incredible resume of marketing and sales innovations to drive business success for a Who’s Who list of Fortune 500 companies.

Craig Humphreys, MSEE/MBA

Technology and Information Flow Expert

Craig is a skilled entrepreneur, business and process analyst, and, foremost, a technology innovator. As the leader of Pacific Design Engineering, a Growth & Associates partner, he solves challenging process and technology problems for some of the top companies in the modern economy, including Facebook, Williams Sonoma, Cisco Systems, and many others. Craig has also developed state-of-the-art technologies, including the signal processing search algorithms for the SETI Institute, signal detection technologies for the aerospace industry, and advanced opportunities detection algorithms for financial trading systems.

Craig has consistently reduced his customers' costs in their IT and processing spending, and increased their profitability commensurately. He is regularly asked to be part of advisory councils for major technology companies such as IBM and Sun Microsystems. Craig also has worldwide business experience, including extensive engagements in Germany, France, and China. 

Lorne Novolker

Learning Strategist and Master Designer

Lorne is the co-founder and President of Prospero Learning Solutions, a Growth & Associates partner. Over the past 18 years, Lorne has helped organizations achieve their strategic business objectives by improving their learning and performance improvement initiatives.

His expertise and focus lie in custom eLearning and blended learning solutions, which he has implemented throughout the US and Canada.

Additionally, he and his team at Prospero have earned numerous awards for eLearning excellence from Brandon-Hall, ISPI, the Canadian Society of Training and Development, and the e-Learning Guild. Lorne speaks regularly at industry conferences on a variety of learning-related topics.

Steve LaRocque

Business Development Expert

As an expert in business development, Steve’s experience includes the development of large, complex, international transactions and projects, many in excess of a billion dollars, both as a principle and a consultant. His extensive network of clients, associates and contacts extends to 6 continents and includes the fields of technology, real estate, commodities, business consulting and redevelopment projects.

Steve was an early innovator in the use of online bidding platforms for the sale of real estate and has been a consultant to America’s largest banks, as well as California Assembly members, regarding the distressed real estate market. Prior to starting his own company, Steve managed national accounts for 2 Fortune 75 companies. He is also proud of his prior service as a police officer for 10 years.

Steve Thompson, MBA

Sales and Negotiations Expert

Steve is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Line of Sight Consulting, a Growth & Associates partner. Steve combines over twenty-four years of sales, sales management, and executive management experience to help organizations, challenged by dramatic shifts in competitive market conditions, negotiate and win better deals.

He has personally led and also implemented major sales/business development initiatives for a variety of organizations in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia and continues to coach leaders through their own initiatives. Additionally, Steve has helped redefine negotiation in the business-to-business marketplace, having served as a founding member of Think! Inc., a recognized industry leader in negotiation theory, research, and practice.

Tim Caito

Sales and Negotiations Expert

Tim is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Line of Sight, a Growth & Associates partner. As an expert in maximizing customer portfolios, Tim brings over thirty years of sales, management, professional development and business consulting experience to help organizations reframe critical business relationships, especially through negotiation.

He has personally led business negotiations in the most complex situations in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia and brings that experience to a prominent coaching practice for negotiators of all levels.

Sean McCauley

Video and Experience Director

Sean has been developing and producing cutting edge corporate and broadcast content, professional learning programs, and creative technical solutions for business entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies for over a decade.

With his leadership and experience in communicating across diverse audiences and methodologies, his creative solutions group (Silhouette Productions) consistently provides experiential solutions that are innovative and effective. As the Video and Experience Director of Growth & Associates, Sean designs the event-based link between top-shelf content and inspired behavior.