Grow Your People

Grow Your People

People. It’s a simple word with a huge impact.

Simply said, your people are probably your best competitive advantage. So how strong is your ability to grow your own people? To take it one step further, let’s break the concept into three parts:

Training, Coaching, and Mentoring

Three different methods to hit three different aspects of human development.

Now, with reference to your use of each of these three methods, how strong is your ability to grow your own people? Not sure?

Let Growth & Associates help you identify the sources of your gaps and work with you in building customized, fit-for-purpose solutions that drive behavior-based outcomes.



Agile Selling Skills

In today’s complex business environment, the skills and knowledge sales people have traditionally relied on are no longer generating the same results. It’s time to change. Using principles developed through extensive research and frontline business reality, Growth & Associates can help you drive top-line growth by developing true sales professionals. The Agile Selling Skills solution focuses on what is required to create top sales performers.

Topics include:
• Identifying the most critical customer conversations
• Defining the customer’s problem(s) and desired outcome(s)
• The 4 habits of agile sellers
• Creating power and leverage in the customer relationship
• Agile negotiating skills
• Developing collaborative, Value-based agreements
• Forecasting skills

Agile Coaching Skills

Research consistently indicates that the effectiveness of on-the-job coaching is perhaps the most successful method of developing people. The problem lies in how coaching is often defined - and applied. The Agile Coaching Skills solution focuses on defining and leveraging the role of a coach to accelerate the development of both individual and team performance.

Topics include:
• What agile coaching is (and what it isn’t)
• The 3 anchor points of Observation, Motivation, and Feedback
• Agile Coaching styles
• Managing difficult coaching situations
• Assessing performance with more than just the end result
• Creating an agile coaching strategy

Agile Leadership Skills

Sales leaders today face two very difficult tasks. First, they must generate a genuinely fresh approach to their business strategy. Using old thinking and old methodologies will not produce new results. Second, with the increasing shift in both demographics and cultures, the question of leadership needs to change from asking “Are you special?” to “Can you make others special?” The Agile Leadership solution focuses on redefining leadership in the context of today’s business reality.

Topics include:
• What agile leadership is (and what it isn’t)
• Creating a compelling vision
• Developing an agile sales strategy
• Driving from strategy to execution
• Negotiating Value-based agreements, externally and internally
• Building successful teams



Sales Coaching

Need help in increasing the effectiveness of your sales professionals? We can help you by providing everything from on-the-job support of your role as a sales coach to supporting a culture of coaching in your sales group.

Personal Coaching

Trying to reach your own personal peak performance? Let one of our coaches work with you to build on your natural strengths and bring out your best.

Executive Coaching

Struggling with the multitude of demands placed on senior level leaders? Growth & Associates can help you simplify your focus and polish your strengths.



Leading through Decline

With the reality of today’s economy, many are managing decline to a degree they are simply not familiar with. Growth & Associates has the perspective, and experience, you are looking to rely on to help you get through the challenge.

Leading through Change

Knowing how to do the right things when everything needs to change can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Growth & Associates can help you learn what you need so that your organization doesn’t get lost in the process.

Creating Customer Focus

Lots of people talk about customer focus; few know how to actually create it. Let one of our associates help you develop the kind of clarity needed to lead the rest of the organization into a new way of working.