Grow Your Revenue

Grow Your Revenue

Nothing happens until something gets sold, right? Except, as you probably know, it is not as simple as that.

In the last few decades, business focused on driving costs down through such practices as lean management and Six Sigma. The results were astounding. But in today’s economy, using those methodologies in the sales environment is not only ineffective, but also woefully inadequate. Hence, an emerging science, commonly referred to as Sales Enablement and Sales Transformation, is grabbing hold of the business community as the best opportunity for massive improvements. And growing your revenue.

At Growth & Associates, we believe that
Sales Enablement
and Sales Transformation
rest on the continuous interaction of two core concepts:
your Selling Competency and your Selling Capacity.

Simply said, how you manage the ongoing interaction between Selling Competency and Selling Capacity will determine if your sales people will be able to do what the business has designed for them to do. Mess up either one of these elements, and your revenue targets immediately start getting more difficult. And that’s putting it nicely.

Our associates are experts in accurately diagnosing the root causes of selling performance gaps and creating solutions that will reduce your cost of sales, increase sales performance, improve forecasting accuracy, and get the idea of growing revenue back on track. Contact us to learn more.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is about getting the sales team’s roles, expertise, and core competencies (Selling Competency) aligned with the organization’s strategy, processes, tools, and innovation (Selling Capacity). If any one of these elements is misaligned, overall sales performance is immediately hindered – or worse, broken.

Growth & Associates has the extensive experience and thought leadership required to properly diagnose the strategic alignment between Competency and Capacity and help you fix the areas that are hurting your business growth.

Sales Transformation

With the strains, changes, and pressures of today’s economy, generating new revenue is at the top of the priority list for many organizations. Unfortunately, too many organizations are focused on working harder, not smarter. What is needed for many is a genuine sales transformation.

Sales transformation is best defined as the overhaul of the sales team’s roles, expertise, and core competencies (Selling Competency) and the organization’s strategy, processes, tools, and innovation (Selling Capacity), from the buyer conversation backwards. It is not realigning the sales organization. It is redesigning it.

With experience in discovering powerful insights into what your customers really want and helping you position those insights to strategically redesign your business to achieve world-class execution, Growth & Associates can help you with every step of the sales transformation process.