The difference between work and a job

Do you know the difference between “work” and a “job?”

I ask because sometimes we forget.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the daily/weekly/quarterly grind that a job entails.

Sometimes, we forget that our work is supposed to be fulfilling, impactful, and downright fun.

That’s not to say that it isn’t hard or challenging. The best work often is.

That’s because work has purpose. Jobs don’t.

Or rather, jobs fulfill someone else’s purpose. But not our own.

And purpose is the fuel of excellence. It’s the lifeblood of any high-performing team. And it’s why you were created.

To do something. To be someone. To serve in ways only you can serve.

So, why the philosophical rant on a sales enablement blog?

Simple. Do your team mates know that they have purpose?

Do your team mates work to serve or to survive?

Do they work out of a sense of purpose or out of a sense of obligation? Or worse – just for the paycheck/retirement/fill-in-your-own-blank?

If you are a leader (and if you can make anyone else special, you are a leader), you have a responsibility to drive purpose into your team. But not your purpose. That’s egotistical.

When I say you need to drive purpose, I mean a shared purpose. A common purpose. Something that draws everyone together based on the YOUR understanding of the team and what drives EACH player.

This is great leadership.

This is great work.

I mua. Onward and upward.

By Tim Ohai

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