What’s the danger of doing it “wrong?”
You know the old saying about the doing things the right way and the wrong way… Is that true anymore?[...]
4 practical ways to get “better”
My blog last week apparently hit a nerve – a good one. It generated a lot of likes, shares, comments,[...]
The danger of “good enough”
There’s a saying out here in Silicon Valley (though I’m sure it’s more international than that). It goes like this:[...]
4 principles for creating better empowerment
Look. It is REALLY hard to keep your best sales people happy. When things are good, they are ecstatic.  But[...]
Seeing the whole elephant
I live in an industry that is crowded with debate. Cold calling is dead. Cold calling is very much alive.[...]
Why your sales enablement may be broken
I get it. I really do. The term “sales enablement” is growing in popularity and usage. But not in understanding.[...]
In memoriam…
I was totally set up to write a blog about something sales-related this week, but I can’t get what happened[...]
Insights from listening to a buyer
I recently spent a week with a client and they brought in one of their customers to speak. It was[...]
Are you really a “customer first” kind of person?
I have been doing a lot of networking lately. You can probably picture some of the exchanges I am experiencing.[...]
Lifeless sales people – whose fault is it really?
“There’s a lot of lifeless sales people out there.” ~ Larry Levine, author of Selling from the Heart Before we[...]
The most critical part of your business is…
Last week, the city of San Francisco was overwhelmed with Dreamforce. Not in a bad way, mind you. But any[...]
My love-hate relationship: 3 rules to make technology work FOR you
I have a love-hate relationship with technology. If you know me, I often have the latest gadgets/tech for my personal[...]
5 ways to accelerate your ramp to revenue
This week's blog is actually not a blog. It's a webinar that I had the genuine privilege of being a[...]
Knowing what to do – and NOT doing it
This week, I have been thinking about why we don’t do what we KNOW we should do. It’s inspired by[...]
The longest civil war in business: Why can’t Sales and Marketing get along?
It’s the oldest civil war in business. And I’m not talking about Coke vs. Pepsi or Ford vs. GM. Those[...]
Can I get fries with that? Avoid getting underserved by sales enablement.
If your company is already on a massive growth curve, this week’s blog isn’t for you. Yet. I want to[...]
David vs. Goliath: How to beat the giants in your market
You know what’s really hard? Being the “little guy.” And what I mean by “little guy” is being the smaller/newer/outsider[...]
Sales onboarding mistake #2: Ignoring how people actually learn
Last week, I talked about the most common mistake we see in the design for sales onboarding: emphasizing product over[...]
How good is your sales onboarding – do you have the wrong focus?
Onboarding is a vampire project. In other words, you can stab it, shoot it, and burn it with fire. But[...]
3 ways to improve sales performance without relying on innovation
Years ago, when I worked as an employee for a global company, I had access to some interesting resources. One[...]
A simple, but important, rant
Warning: This is going to be a bit of a rant. I once had a conversation with a senior executive[...]
Something to learn from the World Cup
Many would never guess, but I actually played soccer in college. I wasn’t great, but I was good enough to[...]
The difference between work and a job
Do you know the difference between “work” and a “job?” I ask because sometimes we forget. Sometimes, we get so[...]
The 3 most common causes of sales engine failure
The 3 most common causes of sales engine failure... Much like an engine is part of an overall system (electrical,[...]
The ONLY two ways to fix your sales engine
It’s definitely one of the most common topics of my executive coaching conversations. And while this topic has broad leadership[...]
How healthy is your sales engine?
How healthy is your sales engine? It's an easy question to ignore. I mean, in the grand scheme of running a[...]