Who We Are

Our role...

You live in the every-day chaos of your business. We believe that the best value we can provide is to help you navigate the complexity of your business and generate clarity into the solutions that are required to drive your growth.

We’ve built a community of experts who are able to tackle a diverse set of complex problems. It maximizes our impact for you, so that you can work with one team to address the multiple challenges that often come bundled together. Everything from helping you figure out how to change your revenue strategy to elevate the strength of your talent so they can execute that strategy more effectively, our team can help you.

Our team...

Tim Ohai

Tim is the founder and president of Growth & Associates. With almost 20 years of international sales enablement experience, he consistently helps Enterprise and SMB leaders solve large, complex problems – especially around the topics of architecting systems that increase revenue and operational efficiency, guiding sustainable and healthy change, and creating genuine leadership cultures.

Tim has also created a problem-centric selling methodology and co-authored three books: World-Class SellingSales Chaos, and The Power of Problems.

Catherine Schalk

Catherine has over 20 years’ experience in the hi-tech industry and been involved in sales for most of that time. As a senior consultant, she has been involved in over 3000 sales enablement initiatives providing services from training to executive advisement globally. She also has extensive experience architecting, developing, and hosting sales conferences and events.

Catherine is a VIP Member of Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Worldwide Education and was named the Top Female Executive for Excellence in Professional Training & Coaching in 2015.

Jen Marie Jacober

Jen Marie is a skilled executive advisor and IT business consultant elevating company performance through innovative change by building strong teams, conquering tough problems, and exceeding business objectives. She has extensive experience as a senior consultant and as a project manager for government, Enterprise, and SMB clients.

Jen Marie was also a founding board member of the Sales Enablement Society.

Craig Humphreys

Craig is a skilled entrepreneur, business and process analyst, technology innovator, and problem solver. He has founded or been a key contributor to several startups and served as CTO for large organizations. Craig’s valuable expertise is in clearly identifying and solving challenging technology and process problems.

Craig is also the co-author of 5/67 Problem Solving, a well-received book on problem solving for businesses.